About Prayatna Samiti

Prayatna Samiti is a voluntary organisation working since 1989, committed to the socioeconomic development of poor and vulnerable rural communities of Udaipur district located in Southern region of Rajasthan state of India subcontinent. The organisation believes in capacity of rural communities to work for their own welfare. It believes in the collective strength of communities to achieve a just society, free of exploitative forces.


The vision of Prayatna Samiti is to promote self-empowerment and leadership abilities amongst deprived sections of rural communities for their sustainable livelihood. Read More

Thematic Areas

Community Management of Commons

Pasture forms a chunk of land mass fulfilling the fodder requirement. Apart from this most of the timber, fuel and NTFP is collected from the land. Read More

Sustainable Agriculture

The focus lies in crop cultivated area. The main crops are maize and wheat cultivated in kharif (June to October) and rabi (October to March) seasons, respectively. Read More

Animal Husbandry

Since ages animal husbandry has remained one of the prime sectors of rural interests. In the work area cow, buffalo, goats, camels, sheep are reared for milk, meat and leather. Read More

Fostering Gender Equity

Woman is an important part of the family and community. She equally toils with man in any of the developmental tasks. However, society has still not recognized her importance in maintain community ecosystem. Read More

Enhancing Access to Community Rights

The work area consists of 80 % of tribal community residing in Schedule V area. Tribals residing in the forest region are confined to small land holding barring them of agricultural production. Read More

Case Studies

Promote and Monitor Human Rights
IN Udaipur

A Sheer Murder of the River

Donation Raise:
The case study “A Sheer Murder of the River” deals with the affect of rapid sand mining on the livelihood of villagers. The study emphasizes on the loss of common land which is of utmost importance. The study states the loss of agriculture tending the people to migrate as labours. Wells’.
IN Rathodon ka Guda village

Self Help Groups Ascertain Women Role In The Society

Donation Raise:
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