Khanatalab Watershed Development Project

The project aims to improve water recharging capacity of the land in the Khanatalab watershed area of 815 ha. The project is being supported by NABARD-WDF. With the major activities belonging to treatment of pasture and crop cultivated land the project encourages marginalized farmers to set up sustainable sources of livelihoods. The support in livelihood activities like agriculture and animal husbandry will help in skill building of the farmers in enhancing crop production and application of organic manures. Enhancement in fodder production and its institutional linkage will help in improving feeding management.

Khanatalab watershed is a micro watershed located at 74° 09’ 30” E 24° 27’ N geographical coordinates. The watershed is located at around 65 km towards southeast of Udaipur district of Rajasthan. Out of the total area of 815 ha 77.36 ha was treated in Capacity Building Phase (CBP) to recharge ground water along with capacity building exercises.

Project activities:

Develop and maintain big water harvesting structures in 3 order drainage line

Develop small cost effective water absorption and harvesting structures in private and common pasture land.

Increase fodder production by introducing grasses in the pasture

Promote sustainable agriculture mechanism by restoring soil productivity and imparting skills to the marginalized farmers.