Mainstream initiatives of supporting PRIs and local institutions to leverage the flagship schemes (MGNREGA) for sustaining natural resource based livelihoods

The project being implemented by Prayatna Samiti with the support of SPWD in Salumber block of Udaipur aims to merge the NRM based initiatives with MGNREGA policy. The project strengthens the local decision making through streamlining the existing village institutions to impart their role in building sustainable NRM based livelihoods in the village panchayat (Gram Panchayat). Thus, the project will infuse the NRM based livelihoods through participatory planning to create sustainable livelihoods. Efforts have been made to involve GP as a focal point and strategize the promotion. The support has been provided in gathering GPS points to microplan the activities with the support of people and GP personnel. DPRs have been prepared as plan to access need of planning.

For MGNREGA to contribute to enhancing the resilience of livelihoods in the long term it must seek to optimize the utilization of resources through strengthening the institutional framework within the communities that depend on them. Optimizing the potential of local production systems requires negotiating between variably endowed populations within local community contexts.

Interventions for NRM need to be designed keeping in mind both vertical and horizontal linkages, in terms of resource flows and relationships between populations within habitats. Intervention efforts must therefore seek to perform a balancing act between aiming at sustainable resource use and the development of greater equity. In the case of marginalized groups, this is particularly important for their vulnerability can often be exacerbated by interventions that aim at enhancing overall productivity and equity at the cost of resource use sustainability.

The need is to build up an institutional mechanism that links together line departments at district and block level, credit and marketing institutions with Panchayat raj and Village institutions along with government functionaries at these levels. The building up of institutional mechanism can begin with initiating steps to reverse the trend of one way delivery of programmes by training communities in the process of accessing, planning, implementation and management of flagship programmes.

Project activities:

Facilitating developmental planning, implementation, and assessment at the local level

Coordination with government functionaries for leveraging development resources

Capacity building of developmental workers of grass root organisations

Advocacy for mainstreaming the innovative methods evolved.