The mandate of the organisation is to facilitate rural reconstruction through the efforts of village communities to build a local people’s movement for addressing issues of collective social and economic concern.

Prayatna Samiti sees its role as a facilitator for community action, to support the efforts of communities to come together to take the responsibility of development. It works to promote self-empowerment and leadership abilities among marginal farmers and rural labourers by developing institutional structures, management capacity and leadership abilities. The organisation works to enhance awareness of the socio-economic, political and environmental issues that affect people, so that they may address them collectively.

It works through village groups in 60 villages of Girwa and Salumber tehsils of Udaipur district. One noteworthy outcome is the coming together of 1,800 women who are now actively engaged in a range of economic activities. Prayatna Samiti comprises a partnership of local workers and committed professionals who act as facilitators for self-managed development of village groups through training programmes, workshops and constant interaction.


 To establish an organization that can work towards rural reconstruction.
 To identify problems, and work towards solutions through collaborative group work.
 To promote understanding of, and participation in democratic institutions.
 To develop leadership abilities amongst local people.
 To facilitate communication among people’s organizations and various development organizations.
 Improve situation of basic necessities such as health, education, livelihood and local self governance.